Millennial money: priced out of traditional investment advisory?

February 18, 2020 Posted by : Hugo Lara
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Today, many millennials approach Wall Street with extreme trepidation. Considering the instability that has defined the stock market for the last decade (and for the majority of their adult life), this is perfectly understandable. And it’s not just the stock market itself that is intimidating; massive student loan debts are also making it difficult for many investing in their 30s to take that first step towards building a viable investment portfolio.

But here’s the real tragedy: even when young potential investors do decide to step into the market - despite the risks involved - they often find themselves unable to afford traditional advisory services from firms like Charles Schwab and Morgan Stanley. Discouraged by their inability to access basic advisory services in such a competitive and challenging market, many young investors end up folding before they’ve even had a chance to play their hand.

At Spartan Capital Intelligence (SCI), we’re aiming to change all of that. Our mission is to ensure that no potential investor is priced out of advisory services. Our founder, Todd Flores, founded SCI with the vision of providing equal access of opportunity to everyone, regardless of their age or financial background.

Turning that vision into a reality starts with our AI-driven technology, which is designed to analyze a huge scope and spectrum of today’s investment landscape. Equipped with such a comprehensive view that only machine learning software is able to provide, we’re able to provide young investors with a uniquely individualized, reliable, and affordable investment strategy.

In other words, we’ve cut out the noise that has traditionally been such an unavoidable, frustrating, and expensive part of the investment strategy development process. We believe that investment strategies should be clear-sighted and results-oriented, and never bogged down by prohibitively hefty fees or hidden agendas.

So if you’re a young investor with a passion for Wall Street and you’ve been discouraged by the costs of traditional investment advisory services, please know: you’re not alone, and you’re not out of options. We encourage you to contact us today to learn more about how our financial experts and technology can be leveraged to build an investment strategy that can carry you into a successful future.

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