Michelle Rojo

Michelle Rojo

Michelle is a Certified Public Accountant and XBRL expert on our team.
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Women and Investing: Present Challenges and Future Opportunities

Women around the world are beginning to have a significant presence in the stock market. In fact, recent data has shown that women may have even more talent for investing than their male counterparts. And yet despite these promising developments, women still tend to invest less than men, and there’s still a distinct gender gap that runs down the middle of Wall Street.

Robo investing with SCI

In today’s rapidly advancing world, investing has never been easier. The financial tools and processes that were once reserved for Wall Street’s elite are now at the fingertips of anyone with a mobile device and a Wi-Fi connection. All it takes is a simple Robinhood or Charles Schwab account, and you can begin putting your money to work for you. The question is no longer how to invest, but ..

What is XBRL and how does it impact investing?

We previously described how Spartan Capital Intelligence (SCI) uses machine learning/artificial intelligence (ML/AI) to forecast stock prices and provide timely financial advice. For machine learning and forecasting to work, large amounts of high-quality data need to be gathered. The forecasts developed by machine learning depends on the quantity and quality of data that is fed into the..