Intern Spotlight: Aravind Jayachandran Nair

October 8, 2020 Posted by : Todd Flores
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Our SCI team is at the core of our success and our interns are an integral part of building the technology and systems powering our machine learning models and financial products. Interns join us for a period of 3 months on average and work on a variety of timely projects and problems that have a direct impact on the development of our business. Learn about our recent cohort of international interns from ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain.


Where is your hometown?

Attingal, Kerala India.

How did you find out about SCI?

During my course at ESADE. I had the opportunity to work on a contract designation project as part of the Capstone project in my second and third trimester offered by SCI.

What is your role in the internship and what have you been learning thus far?

The internship involved interactions with professionals to understand the problem statement, identify data sources for extraction, translate the knowledge into features and finally create a model that can accurately predict the future owner of a defense contract.

What has been your favorite part of the internship?

The discussions with the SCI team and their feedback every week has been a great learning experience. The constant drive to incorporate them into code and observe the improvements in the model has been rewarding.

Who is one person that inspires you to be the best version of yourself?

I would go with my manager during my first job in India. Despite having so much on his plate, he was always willing to share his wisdom and provide ideas. Without coming across as rude, whenever he wanted us to stay late, he would clearly explain the stakes. He would lead by example and stay with us to ensure that the task is complete.

What are your long-term (10+ years) and short-term (< 5 years) career goals?

Through the coursework at ESADE, I've developed a great interest in programming and analytics particularly in the finance industry. I would like to join a premier organization or support a start up where I can apply the skills I have acquired in both analytics and finance to create value. Consumer Credit Risk Management and Regulatory analytics are my focused areas. From the experience gained in these domains, If my interest in data and programming still holds, I wish to become a Chief Data Officer of a financial institution.

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