Introducing SCI: Investment advisory services powered by AI

January 7, 2020 Posted by : Todd Flores
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At Spartan Capital Intelligence we have a vision of pulling back the curtain on Wall Street and demystifying finance and investing for the builders of this country, men and women of all backgrounds.

Oftentimes investing can feel like another language, and even for experienced investors, you get to a point where it’s difficult to enhance your returns. Access to financial advisors is costly, and if you go it on your own with a Robinhood or Charles Schwab account it sometimes feels like you are throwing a dart at a constantly moving target without any guidance. 

Our founder, Todd Flores, started Spartan Capital Intelligence (SCI) because he wanted to serve his community and help families like his own that did not grow up with the same access to financial information. Artificial Intelligence enables SCI to provide elite investment advisory services to the brick and mortar of America, at an accessible and equitable price point for the majority of people. 

Todd’s background in the U.S. military and intelligence community for over ten years gave him his foundation in advanced data collection and analysis.  Now, Todd is applying these same intelligence methodologies in Financial Advisory, to identify the spending habits of the largest global customer, the United States Government.  With over 650 billion per year spent, the US government’s data provides an ideal source of information to run machine learning models to understand trends in the stock market within the Defense and Aerospace, and forecast equity prices.

We want to ensure that you can utilize our technology to grow your investments and your personal wealth.  With that purpose, we have brought together a fantastic team of developers, data scientists, Finance and MBA professionals, and fellow military service members to develop SCI.

To celebrate our upcoming launch in 2020, we are running a month-long contest giving away 100 annual memberships to our investment platform, a value of $360 US. 

Enter below and we will let you know as soon as our platform is ready to access.

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Using Machine Learning for trading and investment decisions

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Todd Flores

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