Investing 101: Three things you should know before investing

I know, thinking about investing right now might sound crazy amid this coronavirus crisis. Many people have lost their jobs, some people have seen their contracts changed, and many others are struggling to keep their jobs. For people that have spare money, or some savings this could be an opportunity not just to invest but to learn about investing. I will be sharing a series on Investing 101,..

How to Stay Financially Secure During the pandemic

These are extraordinary and uncertain times we’re living in. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to sweep the globe, nations are taking unprecedented measures in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. As a consequence, the markets have entered into a state of extreme volatility. Not since 2008 has such an air of dread hung over Wall Street. With each passing day, one central question is..

Q&A with Intrinio & SCI

Rachel Carpenter is cofounder and CEO of Intrinio, a startup that offers an accessible and affordable marketplace for financial data. As a startup that depends on accessing financial data, Spartan Capital Intelligence has worked with Intrinio to launch our investment advisory startup over the past year.  We recently spoke with Rachel about what it takes to run a startup and her advice on a..

Welcome to Bear Market Territory

On March 12, the longest bull run in U.S history came to a swift end with the Dow’s most dramatic single-day fall since the onset of the 1987 stock market crash. The fall, triggered by global fears surrounding the escalating COVID-19 pandemic and the prospect of a global recession, ushered in a new bear market.

Weathering the Coronavirus as a Startup: A letter from our founder

Our team at SCI has been monitoring this health crisis closely as markets buckle under the pressure inflicted by COVID-19 (coronavirus). First and foremost, we have implemented policies to ensure the safety of our SCI team members in the United States and Europe. As a startup with a global presence, we already had policies and procedures in place which enable the SCI team to effectively work..

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