“Wondering How to Spend Your 2020 Tax Return? Consider Investing”

Most of us have mixed feelings about tax season. On the one hand, it typically requires some extra legwork, arithmetic, and in some cases even a little professional guidance to make sure that our finances have been accurately reported. On the other hand, we usually have a fairly significant prize to look forward to at the end of all of that labor: our annual tax returns.

Investing 101: Three things you should know before investing

I know, thinking about investing right now might sound crazy amid this coronavirus crisis. Many people have lost their jobs, some people have seen their contracts changed, and many others are struggling to keep their jobs. For people that have spare money, or some savings this could be an opportunity not just to invest but to learn about investing. I will be sharing a series on Investing 101,..

Women and Investing: Present Challenges and Future Opportunities

Women around the world are beginning to have a significant presence in the stock market. In fact, recent data has shown that women may have even more talent for investing than their male counterparts. And yet despite these promising developments, women still tend to invest less than men, and there’s still a distinct gender gap that runs down the middle of Wall Street.

Millennial money: priced out of traditional investment advisory?

Today, many millennials approach Wall Street with extreme trepidation. Considering the instability that has defined the stock market for the last decade (and for the majority of their adult life), this is perfectly understandable. And it’s not just the stock market itself that is intimidating; massive student loan debts are also making it difficult for many investing in their 30s to take that..

Introducing SCI: Investment advisory services powered by AI

At Spartan Capital Intelligence we have a vision of pulling back the curtain on Wall Street and demystifying finance and investing for the builders of this country, men and women of all backgrounds.