COVID-19 is Impacting Global Markets. What Can Investors Do?

As COVID-19 (more commonly known as coronavirus) continues to spread and affect communities around the world, investors have become increasingly concerned about the disease’s possible implications for global financial markets. On March 9, those concerns were apparently realized when Wall Street experienced its most dramatic plunge since the onset of the 2008 financial crisis. Though stock..

Robo investing with SCI

In today’s rapidly advancing world, investing has never been easier. The financial tools and processes that were once reserved for Wall Street’s elite are now at the fingertips of anyone with a mobile device and a Wi-Fi connection. All it takes is a simple Robinhood or Charles Schwab account, and you can begin putting your money to work for you. The question is no longer how to invest, but ..

How to turn that military bonus into a nest egg?

As service members, we make huge sacrifices. Every enlistment, re-up, change of station, training cycle, and deployment takes time away from our family and friends. The military recognizes the challenges faced by service members and has recently increased the re-up bonus from 40,000 to 80,000 USD for the most in demand jobs. These sizeable lump sum payments and the of 3-6-12 month periods of..

Using Machine Learning for trading and investment decisions

The amount of quantitative and qualitative information available to investors can seem daunting. Company’’ financial data, macroeconomic conditions, commodity prices, contracts, world news, alternative investing options and market sentiment are just a few of the data elements an investor is faced with when creating a financial model or an investment decision. The complexity and ever-changing..