Using Machine Learning for trading and investment decisions

January 16, 2020 Posted by : Brent Bitzan
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The amount of quantitative and qualitative information available to investors can seem daunting. Company’’ financial data, macroeconomic conditions, commodity prices, contracts, world news, alternative investing options and market sentiment are just a few of the data elements an investor is faced with when creating a financial model or an investment decision. The complexity and ever-changing nature of the world makes it difficult to take all of these factors into account and make consistently accurate investment decisions that yield high returns on a rolling basis.

How is Machine Learning used in AI trading & Investing?

Machine Learning models can be applied to automate data analysis and financial modeling. Machine Learning is a form of artificial intelligence (A.I.) that analyzes large data sets to understand patterns and make forecasts using mathematical models and algorithms. A machine learning model continuously learns and improves over time as new data is input and forecasts are validated and refined from real world results. 

Models are created to take into account an array of data elements and make sense of them. Once the data is gathered, the models can get to work finding hidden patterns and trends in the data which can then translate into forecasts on company valuations, and ultimately moves in the stock market. Over time, AI / ML models get smarter and will consistently improve in accuracy. This provides access to the same types of data and insights that Wall Street and large institutional investors have at their disposal. It enables the ability to make smart investment decisions without needing advanced training or degrees in finance, or undertaking the formidable task of data gathering, modeling, and analysis required to generate such insights individually.

Machine learning is the future of removing the “guesswork” from investment decisions.  It provides the tools and insights to confidently invest money knowing decisions are backed by supercomputers which power the “A.I.” that has analyzed vast amounts of data, and informed sophisticated statistical models to create forecasts.

How does Spartan Capital use Machine Learning for stock forecasts?

Spartan Capital Intelligence aggregates vast amounts of quantitative and qualitative data from varied sources and use our advanced machine learning models to provide you with timely investing advice. Our models indicate which opportunities have high statistical probabilities of yielding return, in an easy to navigate platform.

We’ve done the heavy lifting of gathering the data and creating an A.I. platform that makes sense of the noise to empower our subscribers to feel confident in investing their money. Using best in class machine learning models will take investing to a new level of sophistication, enabling opportunities to stay ahead of the market.

To celebrate our upcoming launch we are giving 100 free annual subscriptions to access our advisory platform. 

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