Women and Investing: Present Challenges and Future Opportunities

March 5, 2020 Posted by : Michelle Rojo
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Women around the world are beginning to have a significant presence in the stock market. In fact, recent data has shown that women may have even more talent for investing than their male counterparts. And yet despite these promising developments, women still tend to invest less than men, and there’s still a distinct gender gap that runs down the middle of Wall Street.

Just how wide is this gap, exactly? According to one study, only 52% of women today feel confident about managing investments, compared to about 68% of men. And for those women who do independently manage investments, data suggests that they tend to invest a smaller portion of their income than the average male investor (5.4% and 6.6%, respectively). We’ve already seen that women tend to be extremely competent investors - so why do disparities like this continue to exist?

For starters, it’s important to understand that the Wall Street gender gap isn’t exactly an anomaly. It should be thought of as an extension of the gender pay gap, which is a well-documented and pervasive issue affecting almost every modern industry. Viewed within that broader context, it isn’t particularly surprising that most women tend to be less confident about investing than men do. Furthermore, it’s been suggested (and there’s some evidence to support this claim) that women tend to be more risk-averse than men, which in turn can make them less likely to take on high-risk/high-reward investments.

Here’s the bottom line: female investors are starting to have a stronger presence in the stock market, but we still have a long way to go before there’s true equal access of opportunity in the modern stock market.

At Spartan Capital, our goal is to break down the barriers which have historically prevented women from accessing the same investment opportunities as men. We’re here to empower all investors - regardless of gender, background, or experience - and it’s our firm conviction that with the proper guidance, anyone can build a successful investment strategy.

Our partnership with Intrinio, a female-led startup, provides us with unparalleled access to a broad scope of financial data. This, in turn, is analyzed by our unique, AI-powered platform, which is the foundation of our approach to building investment strategies. Through state-of-the-art machine learning, we’re able to build personalized strategies specifically tailored to your individual levels of risk-tolerance and ambition.

So if you’re an aspiring female investor and you’ve been discouraged by the limitations of traditional investment advisory services, we encourage you to Contact Spartan Capital today. Our experts are looking forward to working with you to build an investment portfolio as we continue to strive as a global community towards a more equitable future.


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